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What a trendy experience this book turns out to be. It about a world boy named daughter named Aoleon|a martian daughter named Aoleon and Gilbert}. This story starts out on world in Gilbert's room.Gilbert wakes up from a dream.|} We meet up with meeting Aoleon who enjoys crop circling. She shows up in farmer Johnson wheat field. Gilbert goes find out what just flew though his bedroom brightens with light. Then their experience began once {they are followed by farmer Johnson and his dog Tripod|farmer Johnson and his dog Tripod follows them}. Gilbert Sullivan has been having dreams lately of aliens. His mother says it is him playing too many video games. Gilbert awakes him his latest nightmare. {He hears a noise and goes to look out of his telescope.|} Gilbert initially thought it was a shooting star but then recognizes that it is a space ship. It has landed in the corn field. Gilbert rushes out and bumps into someone. A girl. Her name is Aoleon. The girl. is from Mars.

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